wowl immersive media | Rental
wowl is a 360 / VR video studio based in Switzerland. We create hi-end immersive experiences for virtual reality
360 video, virtual reality, immersive media
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One day rental for the OZO+

We offer the possibility to rent the Nokia OZO+ in Switzerland. This high-end ca­mera is speci­­fi­cally desi­­gned for professional pro­duc­­tion. From master story­tellers to makers of professional 360°/VR experiences, this camera is being used by the world’s top creators. With up to 8K at 120 FPS the OZO+ provides a generation leap in image quality and with eight on-board microphones, it can capture full spatial audio from every direction.

The package contains

2 × Battery and 510 Go SSDs with 50 min capacity each

1 × Laptop I7 core with Nvidia GTX1070 for setup and control

1 × Oculus Rift for previewing the shots



Image processing



Single integrated 500gb memory cartridge and battery, hassle-free shooting in minutes and time-saving transfers and swaps. With 4.2 kilos, the OZO can go anywhere you need.


The camera can export depth maps for 3D VFX compositing & mixed reality experiences. You have the option to generate up to 240FPS converted through interpolation for slow-motion effect.


Remotely monitor, control and set the camera from anywhere within Wi-Fi range through a laptop and an Oculus Rift headset. With OZO Live you’re instantly set for real-time broadcasting.